The Souls brothers

“Come to remember the five Souls brothers – a perfect place to pause and reflect on them and their generation.”

There is a war memorial inside the church of St. John the Baptist. It records the names of those from the quiet Cotswold village of Great Rissington who lost their lives in the carnage of the First World War. Among the names of the 13 dead of the parish are listed those of five brothers, all killed between 1916 and 1918. They have become known as The Lost Souls of Great Rissington.

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The Imperial War Museum and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission know of no greater sacrifice by a British family.

The quotation at the top of the page is taken from the Visitors' Book inside the church.

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Walter Souls

Died of wounds. France. 1916

Albert (2).jpg

Albert Souls

Killed in action. France. 1916.

Alfred (2)_edited.jpg

Alfred Souls

Killed in action. Flanders. 1918. Five days before his twin, Arthur, was also killed in action.

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Arthur Souls

Killed in action. France. 1918. Five days after his twin, Alfred, was also killed in action.

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Frederick Souls

Missing in action. France. 1916

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There is a black folder kept near to the war memorial in the church. It contains articles and poems that have been written about the Souls brothers. Two poems are reproduced here.

Avril Newey

Mrs Souls and the Poppy Field



Five Brothers from Great Rissington

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